• Friends,
    I have a HP Compac 6000 Pro with dua boot GRUB2, Linux Fedora and Win7.
    I managed to do the upload. Alright.
    When I Deploy, a screen appeared: “The Following volume can not read file:”
    I noticed that he was looking for the file d1p3.img.001 but checked the directory “/ images” that was just the file d1p3.img. Informed the way and this file and it ended Deploy.
    When the client machine did boot, appeared written on the top of the screen “GRUB” and froze.

    Was there any problem with the copy of the image?

    The Problem with Dual Boot GRUB2 was corrected?

    I searched the forum but not found.

    In Portuguese…
    Tenho um HP Compac 6000 Pro, com dua boot GRUB2, Linux Fedora e Win7.
    Consegui fazer o Upload. Tudo certo.
    Quando fiz o Deploy, apareceu uma tela: “can’t read the following volume file:”
    Verifiquei que ele procurava o arquivo d1p3.img.001 , porém verifiquei no diretório “/images” que havia apenas o arquivo d1p3.img. Informei o caminho e este arquivo e ele terminou o Deploy.
    Quando a máquina cliente fez o boot, apareceu escrito no canto superior da tela “GRUB” e congelou.
    Será que houve alguma problema com a cópia da imagem?
    O Problema de dual Boot com GRUB2, foi corrigido?
    Procurei no forum, mas não encontrei.

  • Developer

    I’m sorry I didn’t read -.-

  • That’s debian/ubuntu oriented, and I think it is properly documented on the wiki, but he’s using Fedora 😉

  • Developer

    I agree with Gilou, FOG doesn’t seem to like the Grub2 loader, you can try to downgrade to a legacy version of grub and try again.

    You can try his steps, or you can try these:

    To downgrade GRUB2 to GRUB:

    This works only when your boot is not broken!!!

    Open a terminal.

    Optional: Make backup copies of the main GRUB 2 directories and files.
    sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.old

    sudo cp -R /etc/grub.d /etc/grub.d.old

    sudo cp -R /boot/grub /boot/grub.old

    [B]Remove GRUB 2[/B]
    sudo apt-get purge grub-pc

    The system will be unbootable until another bootloader is installed!!! DO NOT REBOOT!

    [B]Install GRUB 0.97[/B]
    sudo apt-get install grub

    We still have to create the [B]menu.lst[/B] and [B]stage1/stage2[/B]
    sudo grub-install /dev/sdX
    Choose the correct device (sda, sdb, etc), normally the one on which Ubuntu is installed.

    sudo update-grub

    Tab to “Yes” when prompted.

    Clean and upload

  • Hi,

    d1p3.img might be the swap partition, so it’s not a problem if it says it can’t find it: fog creates them back when you download the image. However, the GRUB issue is mainly due to the fact that GRUB2 doesn’t work too well with FOG. Two solutions:

    • install grub1 (also known as grub legacy).
    • use BCD / bcdedit to chainload grub instead of the opposite, and install grub in the linux root partition. This is actually a better solution, especially since it might be hard to have Fedora work on a grub legacy setup, depending on your install.

    Good luck 😉