Basic activity via PXE does not perform

  • Hello,
    I did the installation on Ubuntu server, the FOG_0.33.
    When I start the PXE client computer, it shows the menu FOG.
    The problem is when the manager FOG, send him to Upload or Download. He sends the command to boot the machine, but does the activity. He goes straight pro OS, nor the FOG menu is displayed.
    Is this a problem of the bios?
    My client computer is an HP Compac 6000 Pro ( All-in-one )
    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    ---- In portuguese
    Fiz a instalação no ubunto server, o FOG_0.33 .
    Quando inicializo o computador cliente por PXE, ele mostra o Menu FOG.
    O problema está quando pelo gerenciador do FOG, mando ele fazer Upload ou Download. Ele manda o comando de inicializar a máquina, mas não faz a atividade. Ele passa pro S.O. direto, nem o menu do FOG é exibido.
    Será que isso é problema da bios?
    meu computador cliente é um HP Compac 6000 Pro. ( All-in-one )
    Obrigado a quem puder me ajudar.

  • Developer

    Glad you got it sorted, Open another thread and lets get started on your deployment issues 🙂

  • Just to give a return.
    The problem was the BIOS Setup.
    In the BIOS menu Advanced-> Power-On Options-> Remote Wakeup Boot Source , set to Remote Server. (It was as Local Hard Drive)

    Now I am having problem with Deploy, it crashes. But know that q is not in this topic.
    In portuguese ----------
    Apenas para dar um retorno.
    O Problema era configuração da BIOS.
    Na BIOS no menu Avançado->Opções de ativação->Fonte de Inicialização do Despertar Remoto, deve setar Servidor Remoto. (Estava como unidade de disco )

    Agora estou tendo problema com o Deploy, ele trava. Mas sei q isso não é neste tópico.

  • Developer

    It could be the command being sent, it sounds to me like a time delay. The reason I say this is because when a machine decides to PXE boot it first looks to the server for a file named by it’s MAC address, and a few others you can look up the order of operations on the wiki, and if it doesn’t find the file named by the MAC address, it continues down the line until it reaches the PXE boot file.

    You could also set up WireShark to capture packets and see for certain the file is made at the proper time.

    I would FIRST check my /tftpboot/tftpboot folder, make a note of the files in there. Technically there shouldn’t be any. Then I would create a task on the server and check the folder again, make sure the file is created, then I would boot the machine and see what it does. If it continues to load the OS, I would lad WireShark to see if the file is being passed to the client.

  • Bios settings are ok. By pxe boot.

    When I start the machine it displays the menu FOG. okay.

    In FOG Manager, when I create the basic tasks, Deploy or Upload, and click on the button “Image all computers” or “Upload Image”, he tells the machine to connect. The machine is turned on. But does the task, ie, it seems he does not run the pxe boot.

    but if I turn off and turn on the machine manually, it does the pxe boot and does the scheduled task.

    It could be the command sent by the Manager FOG?

  • Developer

    I would check settings for Wake on Lan capabilites, and verify that you have set up the BIOS for “Lan Option Rom” or something along those lines.

    If I am understanding you correctly, The host is registerred to FOG. You tell the FOG Server to image the machine. you go to the machine and power it on, it will boot to the OS. If you let it boot and power the machine down and back on, then the machine will image?

    Are you by chance setting a time for the start? Is your server time correct?

  • My ubuntu server is 12.04 .

    Yes, he knows the Host.
    What happens is that it sends the signal to start the machine, but does not perform the PXE boot. Go to the OS.
    If I turn off the machine and then start again, she does PXE boot and run the activity.
    I think when ativade sends the machine turn, is where the problem lies.

  • Developer

    So if I am understanding this correctly, you set up a machine to upload/download from the web gui and the machine doesn’t image it just continues to boot the Operating System? Is that correct?

    Have you set up the unit on the Web gui so that the FOG server knows it is a host?

    Does the FOG PXE screen every display?

    What version of Ubuntu did you set up FOG on?