Bittorrent Sync for moving images between nodes

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    Would it be possible to run the synchronization between the master node and the storage with Bittorrent Sync?

    If you are doing deployment with multiple storage nodes, the files would be able to come from all other nodes and allow for faster syncing with the master. Additionally, if you were implementing a multi site setup, you could have a copy on an external HDD on a laptop that travels with you to the other site and provide a fast source for the replication on that site.

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    well… if the user wanted to use bittorrent sync an easy way to avoid hassle would be to have a way of just turning off the current replication system. As long as the permissions will be correct in the folder then the images should just sync across.

    The user would have to generate their own key and tell bittorrent sync where to sync the images.

    I suppose the biggest advantage would be many to many replication. I would have to check if bittorrent sync can take parts of files from different hosts but at a minimum if you had 10 images and were putting in your 11th host… you could get away with transferring one image from each of the others. which could save you a ton of time if your doing things over a WAN.

    Is there currently a way to easily disable replication and i’ll throw a couple of VMs on 0.33b and see if I can make it do something.

  • I suppose it’s possible, though I have no idea where to begin on such a task. This does make sense, I’d almost prefer to use rsync, bittorent, or any other tool besides ftp to perform the replication task rather than trying to rely on such an antiquated and unsecure means.

    I don’t know where to begin though. Maybe you’re willing to test/implement some changes in this reguard?