Fog Prep MAC OSX client. Fog Prep with Deploy Studio

  • Hi All,

    I have seen the following wiki about getting Fog Prep to image OSX clients:

    Does anyone know if the Deploy Studio server and FogPrep server can be on the same machine? i.e. a Fog Prep and Deploy Studio along side each other?


  • While I don’t know if you’re trying to use a linux setup to host the deploystudio or trying to use a mac machine to host the fog server, I think the method that would, conceivably, work the best would be putting the FOG server on a mac machine. Deploystudio, to my knowledge works on different protocols than PXE so both can exist at the same time.

    The best method I could think of would be to install FOG on the DeployStudio Server by porting the needed modules.

    You’d probably need to install a tftp server, web server, mysql server, and depending on your needs, a dhcp server.

    The install script from the site would probably not work for your setup, but you could install the components required individually. This is not something I could walk you through in one day or anything but I could try to think of all the components you’d need.


    apache, php 5.3 or higher, htmldoc, mysql, tftp, nfs, and ftp would be the first things to install and get working.

    Once you know the setup is working with all those components, you’d probably have to do some heavy tweaking in the web gui side to get it to work properly with the system.

    While it would be a lot of work, I don’t think its impossible.