Hostname Changer Not taking effect in AD

  • So I have the Hostname Changer working my computers and getting there names changed and joining the domain just fine but if I need to change a computer name after imaging I do it from FOG Manager and it changes locally but not in AD. Dose anyone have any info on how I can get it to take the new name in AD from just changing it on the Manager?

  • There is no means of doing that that I’m aware of. Active Directory doesn’t have the capabilities to just rename a system.

  • How dose FOG go about renaming im just trying to find a better solution than having to remove it from AD and then rename in fog. I need to get it set up to rename it in one place and it take effect everywhere.

  • It depends on the level of GPO. If the GPO level is set to a specific group or ou, you may have to manually move the system to the proper group/ou to pick up the GPO’s. You can set the GPO’s, however, to affect any system that joins your domain. So if it’s a common change across all systems on the domain, then just have it affect anything the joins.

  • yes… unless that computer name exists in AD already, you will not get GPO’s either… no?

  • You have to remove it from AD. If my memory serves me correct, when FOG Changes the name in this manner, it re-joins the system to the domain under the New hostname.