Imaging slowing down over time (then very slow)

  • Hi,

    Specs :
    Ubuntu 12.04 (VM via VMWare)
    1 Single Core i3 CPU (just for now, gonna upgrade if needed)
    1GB RAM
    200 GB SCSI HDD

    Image :
    2 Partitions :
    One 140GB partition on a 450GB total disk
    One 10 GB recovery partition (maybe I should just no touch this one at all but I’ll figure that out later)

    I’ve been trying to use FOG for a few days and I’ve run into a problem.

    After finally being able to set it up and upload my image, I just tried to deploy one today. Deploy was ok running over 1 GiB/min (pretty slow I think ?). I thought i’d let it run during lunchtime but when I got back (2 hours later) it was around 55% and around 400 MiB/min (constantly decreasing).

    Checked on the web interface, at first it was a constant 10MB/S traffic on the graph, now it’s oscillating between 0 and 2 MB/S on and off.
    There’s nothing happening for a few second, then there’s a 2MB/S bump, then nothing again etc…

    Network’s not bloated, we dont even have 50 workstation on the network and no important traffic going on.

    Did I forget to do something or maybe did something wrong ?
    I’ll try to debug this tomorrow but I figured maybe it happened to somebody already. Been searching the forum and the web, saw nothing remotely similar to this.

    Do you have any ideas ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I don’t know what is causing the slowness between vm and fog imaging, but that’s what I see as well. I’ll see it start out, not fast, but not slow, to almost a crawl. I, too, only have vm’s that I can use to test so I’m much in the same boat, though when I deployed my wife’s laptop, it was not slow at all. Imaging was around 2.5 ~ 3.5 GiB Min on upload, and deploy was close to 4.0 and 5.0 GiB. I have gig switches at the house.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s not either but I just don’t want to miss something.

    If it was constantly that slow yeah, but why nothing going on for a few seconds then a bump ? And why did it work 4/5 times faster at the start ?
    If I had to wait 30/40 min to image a computer frankly I wouldn’t mind. But now it’s been imaging for 5h40min and it at 87%. I’ll just let it finish to see it it atleast works.

    I would like to get it running pretty well then maybe think about getting it setup on a physical host, but we don’t have any to spare right now so it may take awhile to test it.

    Anyway, thank you for your input, much appreciated 🙂

    Edit : Here’s a capture of the traffic on the web interface : [url][/url]

  • I don’t think this is an issue with the interface. The image you’re trying to upload is coming from a VM or a physical host? I’d try uploading an image from a physical host just to see if that has a decrease in speed as you’ve described. I’ve seen speed issues when imaging to/from a VM whether VirtualBox or VMWare. It’s just not as fast.