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    Does anyone use the Ncomputing virtualization hardware and software in their environment?

    I’d like to pick some brains!

    [B]-- Spoiler Alert this information is pretty useless and may be skipped! --[/B]

    I made a universal golden image this summer for Windows 7. We upgraded from Windows XP due to it’s EoL. My golden image worked flawlessly. I’m new at it so inevitably there will be ways that I can may the whole process more efficient, but that’s not why I am here.

    I used the same image on my Ncomputing units as I did my labs. I locked down windows updates via the registry and the Group Policy. The only difference between the two images, is my Ncomputing software was included on the hard drive so I could install it after Windows was done being configured.

    [B]-- End Alert, please pay attention again! – [/B]

    My lab computers are doing fine, no issues at all. My Ncomputing units are in SAD sorry shape. My Windows Updates are downloading in the middle of the night and trying to apply themselves to a “frozen” machine (we use DeepFreeze to lock our computers in a state so that any changes are not saved and the computer is reverted to that same state at the next reboot). This cause all kinds of problems. Boot loops, complete crash of an OS leading to a complete re-install and set up.

    NComputing uses 1 tower and 4 monitors. It has a hardware card that uses a dilapidated virtual windows user to run a 16 bit color instance of windows on the 3 monitor boxes and a full 32 bit color instance on the tower. There are 4 windows users laid out like this

    tower – User (full 32 bit color)
    monitor 1 – User2 (16 bit color)
    monitor 2 – User3 (16 bit color)
    monitor 4 – User4 (16 bit color)

    I am beginning to think that the issue is due to how it replicates the users. I am thinking that some of my registry and or GPO settings are not being set properly on my NComputing units and this is allowing them to update. [B]Ofcourse that is just speculation.[/B]

    I come to you looking for advice and super amazing ideas to curb this issue. I understand that many of you probably don’t use the hardware,[B] and I advise you not to[/B], but I would really like a collaboration of ideas to begin working towards so I can keep from having to re-image my computers each week 😞

    I appreciate any insight!

  • I do the same thing.

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    for reference mainly for myself, I like to use my threads a information archives.

    reg file to update WSUS information


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    Awesome sounds good, sounds like I need to add something else to my image before next year. I will let you know how it goes!

  • You wouldn’t need to.

    Through group policy, you tell it where to look for updates. When you wuauclt it automatically looks on the wsus server.

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    How would I tell it my WSUS server with a command and update from there? Are you familiar with that of the top of your head 😛

    I will set up some batch files on my test machine to see how things go tonight.

    I appreciate your help!

  • These are the easiest of the commands, you can get way more complex.

  • wuauclt /detectnow
    wuauclt /resetauthorization
    wuauclt /reportnow

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    Yeah same here, never done it, but I KNOW there are ways to do it, just trying to get my ducks in a row so I can try 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion I will see what I can come up with!

  • Check this link for command line options on wuauclt.exe. Never did a commn line check for updates, but I’m sure there is a way.

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    Well I have been in contact with NComputing, I have not received much from them, unfortunately. I think my best bet is to start troubleshooting myself.

    I believe the issue to be with the secondary accounts still having the “ability” to look for updates despite the fact I have disabled the options from the GPO. I am going to begin by removing the GPO restrictions and getting the machine back to where the main user account (also administrative account) so that I can apply updates again.

    I have been in contact with DeepFreeze. They have confirmed that it is not a fault of deepfreeze. There are files that have rights to be changed for security purposes and they have recommended I use a batch file method of installing Windows Updates to the machines during a thaw period that I have specified.

    I have already began tackling the process of allowing the Novell user that is required to log in via the command line and a batch file. This has been successful in mounting drives to the computer without authentication and I can install drivers, I assume this should suffice with logging into the computer as well.

    However I have NEVER updated windows from the command line and I am looking for some resources or assistance in locating the commands I need to send to the computer in order for it to begin looking for and downloading updates.

    Ultimately we have a WSUS server and I would like to use that but I would first like to get the machines logging in and attempting to update before supplying my WSUS server, because this is the least of my worries.