Latest FOG 0.33b

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    r1221 released to fix an issue on line 762 of the HostManagementPage I had: $$Location and it should have been $Location. Sorry about that!

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    usually i’ll put my clients logo in the PXE image.

    having a configurable banner might work… or you could have the option to completely disable the menu on the client so they can not hit their keyboard and get stuck on the menu. in previous versions the hide menu only hides it as long as they don’t touch anything on the PC.

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    r1219 and r1220 released.

    r1219 fixed an issue with the Menu’s on ipxe. If a boot option fails, it will bring you back to the menu instead of just freeze on BOOT FAILURE.

    r1220 fixes an issue with the quick inventory system. Apparently it would return Host but the name would be null. It now works properly. Sorry about this taking so long.

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    r1218 released.

    The quick delete menu option now performs the delete purely from iPXE. Once the delete happens or if the option was selected, and host is not found, it provides an iPXE menu to request if you’d like to re-inventory the host. You can use hot keys to make the selections as you see fit. The letter f will perform Full registration, the letter q will perform quick registration, and the letter r will reboot the system.

    There is a timeout set to whatever you’ve got your “pxe” menu timeout value to be. It auto chooses default.

    I’m still loading the init.gz and bzImage for the registration. There are two reason’s for this.

    The first reason is because of compatibility. While with iPXE it’s completely possible to register any host to FOG, it’s not exactly going to be pretty. The reason I say this is because if a host isn’t compatible with the init systems, but you’re able to task it like any other systems, it’ll fail miserably. Unless any one knows of a method of embedding partclone binaries into the ipxe.krn kernels so we can do everything through ipxe, I’m going to stick with using the “old” fog system do make sure a host works with fog before registering it.

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    There isn’t a method to adding an image. I can add the “FOG” display banner if that suits people better.

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    how easy it is to add a configurable image as the background to iPXE?

  • dont think it will was trying to avoid using dchp on my windows server may have to though.

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    The method I’m using to get iPXE booting is really chainloading. So the initial process still requires DHCP request on the host at initial boot. This means Options 66/67 (Fog server and load filename) are both the same as they always have been, just the config file chains it off to iPXE.

    I don’t know if your “modem” DHCP server and settings will allow you directing the PXE stuff to your FOG Server.

  • Hey tom question in general I am debating if I need a dhcp server for fog is there any way to use the basic dhcp on the modem and have fog just do ipxe boot request?

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    Right now, using bypass host registration should work, as long as you know which edits need to be made. Instead of editing the default file, you’ll edit the stuff from the service/ipxe/boot.php file. I’m preparing to send up another revision soon that refines the stuff, and places the “default” variables in the commons/ file.

    That said, we could potentially eliminate the need for it, by setting up a near “capone” style command into the menu statements. That being said, currently I’m not using the database init.gz/bzImage settings, but that could be a place to determine if you want to use it.

  • Is it correct to assume that the bypass host registration will not work with the move to ipxe, or does it just eliminate a step? It was on my to-do list, but I hadn’t tried it with 0.33b


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    iPXE doesn’t resolve the UEFI situation, but it is a step toward a solution.

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    don’t suppose iPXE will solve issues on UEFI systems?

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    r1217 released.

    Removes the “PXE” Menu options and does not create a new default file. This way iPXE always works. Only gives the menu timeout.

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    you should ALWAYS use sysprep :) (some will argue) but it really helps generalize you install for the real user.

  • Should I use sysprep?

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    [quote=“Marco Dinis, post: 23036, member: 22226”]Hi
    Is there a fogprep for Windows8?[/quote]

    FogPrep is not longer required.

  • Hi
    Is there a fogprep for Windows8?

  • Hi
    If you want to dowload the latest rev of the beta, i think it’s here:

  • Guys just want to say how extremly excited i am (i no im sad) to test the new version of Fog a big well done from someone who could not do his work without fog. Can i ask how we download the latest release of fog so i can load up into my test network please?

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