• r924 is now up. With it comes Group Services.

    After trudging through the deep abyss of Services I can say that GUI side is almost there I think. The only things left that I know of, besides a few of the Feature Additions (i.e. Config Backup) , that are left are the Host Virus and Host Login information. Other than that, I’d say this GUI is almost getting there, YAY!

    Now just to have others test.

  • r923 up, Host Service configuration is now working. It does not poll for data for enabled modules, so please, if you’re to use them, make sure you select the ones you want. Display Manager and Auto Logout times are pulled thru the default values unless other wise specified. However, you may need to click update on those fields to actually have it work. I haven’t figured out a way to set defaults automagically in their proper fields for now.

  • Hi Tom

    Awesome Job dude… sincerely appreciate it…

    is there a list of outstanding matters for 0.33? perhaps someone here can assist with something on that list…

  • r922 out, Fixed the Content for viewing pleasure. The main page, for now, contains it’s own scrollbar. With this update, comes the Service class. It also fixes the Service Configuration Page so that it works now. I haven’t worked on anything within the host or group service configurations, that’ll be another day.

  • r921 is out. It is allows for updating of the Host Inventory fields. Has a few, hopefully okay, aesthetic changes such as a fixed footer, fixed side menu system, and fixed information bar. I though having those things fixed is appropriate. Hopefully you’ll all agree. Added between these two particular releases was the host and group tasks. The Advanced options, I thought, needed a means of being displayed, but another means of closing if you opened it. Hopefully all is good.

    Thank you.

  • r917 Out, Default Printers are back in the mix with stylized checkbox similar to 0.32 style. Please test, had an issue with the system.php file also, this has been updated so I just need to know if you all are back to working.

  • No problem.

  • Glad to see some updates! I had feared the worst for the project. I have a pretty hefty test environment at home and may have to fire up a new test lab to try out 0.33. Thanks for updating!

  • I’m glad to be inspiring people with this. I’m enjoying it so much. Thank you for the support.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Developer

    I appreciate your work on this Tom! When I get a chance I plan to set up a 0.33 server to play with, you’re actually getting me kind of excited seeing all these updates and work being done 🙂

  • r910 Up.

    Many fixes to GroupManagementPage (Printer and Service add for group still not up yet.) PrinterManagementPage is updated to conform more with Blackout’s original, as far as I can tell, setup. SnapinManagementPage is updated to conform as well. Added FOG Configuration->PXE Menu-> Input to change field for Quick Deletetion menu option. Added Menu option to PXE Default file. Updated init.gz to contain the fog.auto.del script for the host deletion. Added auto.delete.php

  • You’re the man tom, I will download the beta and give it a go.

  • Added all the missing files I had created, but didn’t get added before sorry.

    r903 added TomElliott.config to trunk/kernel

    r904 anything I missed earlier is now added.

  • r902
    bzImage is now based on 3.11.1 Kernel. Configuration will be added for r903 as TomElliott.config

    The config I use now contains all Network Drivers, Minimal VGA support (to try ridding those pesky kms settings) and is based on the original CORE configuration.

  • r901,

    Host management (Host Creation/New Host) Active Directory now operates and auto-populates the data.

  • I now have commit access to the svn and have committed my changes.

    We are now, officially, on r900.

    Also setting up job for syncing changes on my side, so we’ll have a replicant source as well.

    Thank you all,

  • I’m attempting to build my own svn repository for fog.

    I hope this isn’t an issue. I will, eventually, try to mirror the original repository, then add my revisions on mine. Then I can, when all is setup, create backups to mine and THE svn server so we have replicated data and up to date information.

    I’m new to svn so please be as nice as possible.

    My link for svn access is:


    Right now it will ask for username and password. I’m still learning how to set it up as I just set it up 10 minutes ago. Hopefully, though, I’ll get this down.

    EDIT: should be viewable to world. No commit’s however, that’ll require username and pass. Thanks.

    EDIT2: syncing svn from p/freeghost/code Will take a very LONG time, but in case you want to see:


  • Another, please test installations on red hat based distros. I added statements to test for mysql, myql-server, and php-mysql checking during install. I have not tested yet.