Question on copying images from one fog1 to another fog2

  • I wanted to copy a images that I created from one building to another just basically one fog to another. Is there special process or should I just copy images it via winscp on fog1, then create images name on fog2 via webgui, then drop the images using winscp on the fog2. Please advise. ty

  • Developer

    Awesome glad it worked out, have fun fogging 😄

  • Just wanted to report back that. I just copy images on my fog1 to fog2 and named on gui same folder name and dump all images on fog2 on /images using winscp. thanks for the quick help.

  • Developer

    If there is no images folder, create a quick image and upload something, it’s the fastest way to let fog make the folder with the permissions it needs.

    Alternatively, you may create a folder named images. Make sure you do so at the root of the hard drive, then adjust the permission of the folder to give the fog user full read/write access. Next create your image name on the Web GUI and finally copy your folders (with the image data) over.

  • Thank you for the quick reply. I think when I created the name images on the FOG2 GUI. It did not created any folder on the /images locations. So, your advice just copy them on /images location with same name on the GUI?

  • Developer

    First create the images on FOG2 in the web GUI and name them the same as FOG1. Then copy your image files over to the corresponding folders. As long as your fog user has full read and write access to the folders you shouldn’t have any problems.

    I don’t think the named image folder is created by FOG until you actually upload something to it… you could just copy everything over from your images folder, Ultimately I would create the images on my FOG2 server before I copy the data just in case. It would really suck to copy that data over, create an image, and then have FOG delete the data because it wants to use said folder.