• Would anyone have an interest in the ability of doing an offline image? With the side of flash drives and usb disks being able to copy a FOG image to movable storage and book from a disk, usb drive, flash drive, ect and image would be nice.

  • that’s possible… but please let’s focus on 0.33 working before adding stuff 🙂
    It could be done by using syslinux to boot the init.gz + kernel of FOG, and modifying a bit its code to tell it to look for a file on the disk rather than on a server… interesting…

  • I have kind of got this working using both a USB Key and also a LIVE DVD with the image on. I use a modified version of sysrescuecd with some custome scripts and it all works fine. The problem I have is when the system image is over 4Gb as I can onlt seem to get it to work with FAT32 (so limited to 4Gb images) NTFS will get round this but I dont seem to be able to get a it work on ntfs. It would be great to be able in partimge to specify a file size and then for the image to be sliced up into those chunks, so it would prompt for file 1 or 3 etc etc.

    My need for this is that sometime I have to image machines that dont have access to my FOG servers and also for engineers that visit site to replace hard drives so if this could be achieved that would be FAB !!!