HECC Conference in November, Who is going?

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    HECC (Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators) Conference is coming up in November. Anyone from the Indiana area planning on attending?

    My corporation will be sending 6 of us to be taking classes and gathering as much information as we can. I was wondering who all is going and what areas of interest are you pursuing?

    Is anyone interested in meeting up to talk FOG? Perhaps next year we can setup a booth and teach the others a few things! Currently I have set up and deployed three FOG servers in our Network, but soon we will be migrating from a Novell environment to an Active Directory environment. I’d be interested in picking some brains as well as gathering some resources for questions and problems we may come across.

    This is all of course just speculation! Questions, comments, concerns all welcome! I look forward to seeing you there!

  • I’m in East Coast

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    Wow not many in central Indiana huh? 🙂