Fog clients send inventory to wrong fog server

  • Hello,

    I recently inherited the management of two fog servers. We had one on our production network that was functioning ok. Our desktop admin created a new fog server at our other office (sister company)and set it up and put some images on it. There is a site to site vpn that is active between the two offices.
    When we try to image a machine on the sister company network, it sends it’s inventory and registration info to the other server at the main office through the vpn.

    I figured that this would probably be easy to identify - either DHCP settings would be off, or something would stick out in the fog config. Alas, no. I took a look through the configuration page and all looks good from the high level perspective. DHCP settings are correct for bootfile server and PXe - the ip addresses for tftp and web management are also correct.

    Can someone let me know where I should look next? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    did you try sudo before editting the files?

    sudo nano -w /var/www/fog/…whatever

  • Usually the .php files are owned by apache or whatever the web service is owned by. If you gave root you can edit the files though.

  • thanks! It does look like the configuration in the main config.php file needs to be changed - but the fog admin account doesn’t have permissions to this directory - is this by design?

  • In redhat based systems:

    In ubuntu based systems:

  • By default, where is the fog web directory located?

  • Okay,

    I think, thru reading the title a little further, I figured out your saying it’s sending the inventory to the wrong server. Meaning you want the inventory to be kept on the local server not to your other server. Is this correct?

    You’ll need to check the server there and make sure it’s SQL settings are pointing to the local system. This is done within the:
    {fogwebdir}/commons/config.php file. You’ll also, possibly, need that change the /opt/fog/services/etc/config.php file as well.

    Make sure it points to the local server and has the credentials for that server.

    Hopefully this helps.


  • I’m sorry - the problem is that the sister company should be containing it’s own inventory. Since it is sending the inventory / registration to the main office, the server is not working as intended.

  • I’m not sure this problem is worded properly?

    You’re saying things aren’t working? If things aren’t what specifically is having a problem?

    You state that things are sending inventory to your main office server, is this the expected operation or do you want your sister companies server to contain its inventory?