Issues with Dell Latitude 10 using fog

  • Hi all

    Well after almost 2 weeks of banging my head against a brick wall with the Dell latitude 10 Tablet ive come to the fog gods to ask for help. The problem is trying to get these units to talk Pxe to fog to allow an image to be taken, It assigns an Ip and then just trys to boot the OS no Fog Menu. Ive upgraded the BIOs to latest revision A06, i have even tried moving my DHCP server from 2K3 server to 2012 with the newly added Scope option 60 for Windows 8 clients to see apparently, and still nothing. What makes this even more of a pain is you cant USB boot Clonezilla either which is my Belt and Braces imaging system if Fog throws a wobbily. im hoping someone out there is in the same boat and has a good tutorial to follow to resolve this. Any help would really help

    thank you

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