FOG 0.32, Win7 and blank drive issue

  • Good morning, we’ve been successfully imaging machines with FOG for a few weeks now, but have recently hit a snag with blank hard-drives.

    We get our machines fixed with Dell, and they replace faulty HDDs with blank ones. When I go into FOG and start a task, FOG boots, but says the task is complete, not even bothering to create partitions or write anything to the disk.

    According to [url][/url] , I need to set my Host OS association to Vista in order to get things to image correctly, but it’s not working either. I’ve just gone in to the FOG web management, clicked on Host Management, clicked on my host and set the host’s OS association in FOG to Vista – do I need to re-upload the image from a machine that has had it’s OS assignment set to Vista, in order for future redeployments to treat the image as a Vista one and create the necessary partitions?

    While on the subject of Windows 7, what is the preferred method of uploading Windows 7 images? Multi Partition - Single Disk? Multi Partition - All Disks?

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    Awesome, glad you got it working!

    I’ve never personally had any luck using the NTFS Resizable with my image but I’m glad it worked for you!

  • Thanks guys. I’ve now got FOG imaging blank drives (just tried it on a freshly repaired Dell Latitude 2120 netbook, and a 2110 netbook).

    My solution was to [I]re-upload[/I] my images, this time setting them as [B]Single Partition (NTFS, Resizeable)[/B]. According to some other posts on the FOG forum, this is acceptable, as FOG knows to expect a 100mb partition when you pick Windows 7 from the image list.

    My OS association is still Windows 7, and I’m thinking all is solved here.

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    I normally put a small version of linux on the drive to make sure the drive works and it’s not a partition issue. I download something lie pfsense that takes less than 5 minutes to install, then I run it with fog.

    This isn’t the PROPER way or the ONLY way, I just know it works with my hardware.

    To answer your second question, if you are installing windows and allowing it to create the 100mb partition, any of the two options above will work. I normally choose the Multi Partition - All Disk option though.

  • The recommended disk upload type depends on disks in the system. Do you have multiple disks in the systems? The blank disk is probably because they’ve never been initialized which means you need to fdisk them just to write a quick value to them.

    Updated due to autocorrect from mobile device.