FOG service not joining clients to the domain

  • Hello all, I am admittedly a low level tech employee at a school district. I do not know much about FOG quite yet, so it may be something simple I’m missing. First off, we are running FOG 0.28 and are not able to upgrade at the moment due to time constraints (we are imaging the entire district with Win7). I built the image I am trying to use from scratch (windows 7 CD). I followed the documentation I was given except for one thing. The FOG service was installed before I was able to install the Windows Remote Server Administration Tools in windows features. This may be the problem I think. I do not have access to any logs at the moment, and do not have access to the server offsite. I checked in the FOG server, and these hosts are part of a group. As far as I can tell, all of the AD settings and credentials are in order. If there are any suggestions or questions, I would truly appreciate it. Thank You!

  • I noticed on about 5 of the last 15 computers I imaged, the time/date were incorrect. Verify the time is matched with the server and try joining again

  • I would need a FOG.log form one of the clients that has been re-imaged and didn’t join domain it should clearly say why it didn’t join in there.