[SOLVED] PXE-E51 "No DHCP or DHCP Proxy Offers received"

  • Hi Everybody,

    I’m posting this as a problem and a solution. I hope it helps somebody:

    I now have FOG working really well with most of my clients; however, I have one client that simply refuses to get an IP address from the DHCP server. It exits out with a PXE-E51 “No DHCP or DHCP Proxy Offers received” error.

    I found this weird because the rest of the clients get an IP from the DHCP server no problem. The solution I found was something I knew nothing about before I researched it.

    [URL=‘http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ITRC-ProLiant-Deployment/PXE-E51-quot-No-DHCP-or-DHCP-Proxy-Offers-received-quot-error/td-p/3057862#.UgKOmqLktz8’]The answer was HERE[/URL]

    If you have manageable switch and you have Spanning-Tree enabled on it. You’ll need to enable Port-Fast (Cisco lingo) or Fast-Link (Netgear lingo) on each port that’s giving you trouble. It may be called something else on your switch, so it’s worth looking at your manual.

    YMMV with this. I have no idea if it breaks anything else in the network but I haven’t noticed anything yet.

  • Thanks for the info. That’s useful.

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    It won’t “break” anything else on the network, but it does leave you open to creating a loop and bringing the network down. Generally, you turn on port-fast, or set the ports to “edge” if you know they will also connect to an end point and not another switch.