Problems booting to HDD after PXE on Dell Latitiude E6420

  • Hi all,

    I did a quick search on this forum but couldn’t find anything like this problem.
    I have several Dell Latitude laptops set to PXE boot. Once they get to the FOG PXE boot menu and then auto-select to boot to local HDD, it just goes to a black screen and reboots and goes through that cycle over and over again. It won’t boot to HDD after it gets to PXE boot menu.
    I have been using FOG on many other types of Dell products with no problems including Latitude E650 and Optiplex 3010/380/390.

    Anyone come across this issue? What’s the fix (if any)?



  • check the sata mode in the bios - try using ata /ahci - swapping them around maybe the machine that was imaged from had a different setting to what you are imaging too in conjuntion with the chainloading link as above.

  • Senior Developer

    On the localboot line try:

    localboot 0x80

    Usually it is set to:

    localboot 0 which doesn’t seem to work with ahci and gpxelinux.

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