• Hi, I am currently running fog in a school setting and am working on renaming some computers, I was wondering if anyone would have any idea why the clients are not automatically restarting and getting the new computer name? The clients also do not automatically restart when I try to “force” a task through. We recently got all new switches, could this be a setting on the switches that needs to be addressed?


  • Developer

    It’s still there, maybe someone with some expertise can help, I imagine a setting got wonked somewhere.

    I just wanted to make sure you had the client installed and set up on the server for the actions 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for your response, I guess I was vague, yes all computers have the client installed and in the past when I would force a task to start the box would pop up that says the client has a task scheduled to start and the client would reboot, It was just a nice tool to use, but maybe that is gone now, thanks for your help!

  • Developer

    Have you installed the FOG client?

    Naming a unit in the hosts section does nothing unless the counter part FOG client is installed on the host and the option is enabled in the FOG settings. My recommendation is when you install the client leave EVERYTHING checked and turn off what you don’t need at the server.

    Please check to verify that Wake on Lan capabilities are enabled in the OS and the BIOS.
    Restarting from WOL is extremely unreliable just as a technology, I wouldn’t count on it for anything. It’s nice to wake the units in the morning, but I still walk around and manually check, never trust WOL 🙂