• Fog has started to slow way down when booting from the pxe / tftp …

    when it boots up from the pxe and tries to load the bzimages to boot up (doesn’t matter if I’m doing an image or if I’m just running inventory) but the computer takes for ever to get the data from the server. So far it will make it and boot up and then run just fine. But waiting 25 mins or more is starting to become an issue.

    Is this an issue with my fog install, fog server, or one of the network switches? 😕

  • Alright it was faulty hardware … and now I have a corrupted Ubuntu install … so I installed on a new sever and copied the image files to the new install … but how do I recover the database to move it into the new install ?

  • I’m starting to look at the faulty hardware… because I’m see issues on other parts of the fog web controls (missing the kernel update window)

    I’ll check into that page and let you know what I find out

  • First guess would be that you either have some severe network congestion, which would be very noticeable in other areas, or the FOG server is running on faulty hardware. You might want to try the steps listed on the wiki for a [URL=‘http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Tftp_timeout…’]TFTP timeout[/URL].