New FOG install on Ubuntu 12.04: TFTP hangs?

  • Ok, so I have a clean install of Ubuntu and FOG on a spare PC that we had laying around. Everything went well. It’s on an isolated network.

    I set the laptop to boot PXE. It reaches out and gets a IP from FOG and everything seems to be going well. Then it tries TFTP. That times out and it boots from the HDD.

    Being new to FOG I’m not sure how to trouble shoot this. Let me know what info you need to help me troubleshoot this. Please and thanks!

  • Yup, I got it. Thanks!

  • Moderator

    If you have rebooted the server since installing FOG (and hence TFTPD-HPA package) then you need to restart TFTP daemon. 12.04 tries to start tftpd-hpa before the interfaces have an IP bound to it. common issue and widely discussed on the forums. If a simple restart solves your problem, search the forums and there are modifications you can make to handle this for you.

  • It’s a simple unmanaged switch.

  • Is it on the same vlan?

    If not, the vlan that fog is on might need to be tagged in your switches to allow access across other vlans.