Document Backup?

  • I would love to see a way to backup user home folder before imaging and then restore folders such as Desktop and My Documents after the image is complete. This would make it easier to image a teacher’s machine without the need to check to see if all of their crap is backed up.

  • Developer

    I have already “half” coded this into the init.gz if anyone wants to pick it up.


  • How about a client that you can specify folders (& sub) to backup & then pull back down once their profile is complete in 2 separate manually kicked off procedures? Viruses require a trigger to activate. Re-imaging usually relieves that trigger from occurring since those points are replaced with known good (clean) entries (registry, startup areas, secondary data paths, browsers, etc…). The chance of a “My Documents” or “Favorites” being the source of infection is usually quite small plus, it would take manual intervention to reinfect.

  • Senior Developer

    The only issue I for see with a backup like this is virus’. If you’re reimaging because of a virus this could potentially mean your imaging is useless for that machine. Just saying.

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