Windows 7 single disk resizable

  • Hi Guys

    Just a quick not to see if anyone can assist…

    Every time I try to pull up an image of windows 7 on a single partition, it gets detected as raw, and FUBAR’s my image and I have to re-install windows.

    mind you … this is the first time I try single partition resizable, I have always done multiple partitions etc… but im trying to form better imaging habits and heading closer to generic windows 7 images deployable on any type of hardware.

    anyone ever encounter this? what did you do to solve it?


  • Developer

    i personally use 100mb partition with os partition as small as possible and let sysprep extend the partition automatically, you should run into issues aslong as your os partition is smaller than your smallest disk.

  • Where is the problem to not using Multiple partition, single disk?

    It is the option working allmost everytime for me.

    Do you want to shrink all to online one partition without the 100mb partition?

  • I would check your kernal. I ran into this problem and assumed that it was the 100 mb partition that was mucking everything up, turns out it was actually the kernal. Once I found a new kernal that worked, I was able to upload all my Win 7 images using the Single Partition-Resizable. Hope this helps.

  • Developer

    In my experience, it is best to let the windows create the 100 mb partition and then use the multi partition all disks method to upload my images.

    I’ve not tried to make a single partition yet, good luck, I’ll be checking here for notes.