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    Troubleshooting an Image Deploy

    This process will wipe out whatever is currently present on the client computer.

    This tutorial is for FOG .30 pushing Windows XP and assumes that your primary disk is /dev/sda. [B]Note that this process has not been tested on Windows 7.[/B]

    • In the management portal, start a debug task for the client computer in question. Allow the client to boot and at the bash prompt.

    • (Everything below is done within the bash prompt [B]on the client’s console[/B])

    • From your client, mount the remote /images folder on your FOG server onto a local /images folder using nfs:

    • mkdir /images (type this on the client’s keyboard, as explained above)

    • mount -o nolock x.x.x.x:/images /images (where x.x.x.x is the server ip)

    • you may try also mount -t nfs -o nolock x.x.x.x:/images /images

    • Copy the master boot record to the first 512 bytes of the local disk. Take a look into /usr/local/fog/mbr/ to determine the correct MBR for your system. This example uses XP:

    • cd /images

    • dd if=/usr/share/fog/mbr/xp.mbr of=/dev/sda1 bs=512 count=1

    • (For previous versions, find the fog directory under:/usr/local/)

    • Start fdisk and remove all previous partitions:

    • fdisk /dev/sda (Note there is no 1 at the end of the device name)

    • Press “d”, then “Enter” - select a partition if prompted and repeat pressing “d”

    • Press “w”, then “Enter” to save and exit fdisk

    • Create a new partition:

    • fdisk /dev/sda

    • Press “n”, then “Enter”

    • Press “p”, then “Enter”

    • Press “1”, then “Enter”

    • Press “1”, then “Enter” or just “Enter” to accept the default starting sector

    • Note: Windows 7 users may want to create a 100M partition, then repeat these steps to create the system partition and assign the rest of the disk to the OS.

    • Press “Enter” to accept the default ending sector

    • Press “t”, then “Enter” to change the partition type

    • Press “7”, then “Enter” for NTFS

    • Press “a”, then “Enter” to toggle the bootable flag

    • Press “1”, then “Enter”

    • Press “w”, then “Enter” to save and exit fdisk

    • Update the partition info:

    • partprobe

    • Use partimage to copy image from FOG server to local partition:

    • /usr/sbin/partimage restore /dev/sda1 /images/[imagename] [B]-f3 -b[/B]

    • Use ntfsresize to expand partition:

    • /usr/sbin/ntfsresize /dev/sda1[B] -f -b -P[/B]
      (For previous versions, find sbin under: /usr/local/)

    An alternate way to do partimage (which gives more feedback) is to load the gui version of partimage with:
    /usr/sbin/partimage, then manually fill in the fields/choose options.

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