• Hi, first Ill say thx for the work you guys do on this project.

    my Q is that Im a little confused about nodes ?

    We are going from Ghost to FOG !!!
    Our goal is to go for the Golden Image but meanwhile we have desided to upload a image of all our different computers until we have the Golden Image working, with snapins etc. (this can take sometime)

    How does a node act?
    If we upload 3Tb data to our main FOG server, is it so that all 3Tb go to the node or … ?
    I know that I can do a “Master Node” and store some image there but thats not what we wanna do, so I just wanna know how that work?
    We plan on having 2 laptops as nodes so we can transport them between our different locations

    Any hint, tips are welcome


  • I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I’ve never tested it yet. Within every storage group all images from the “Master node” should be copied to the other nodes.

  • Sry that my Q ended up in Tutorials??
    So I can make 10 storage groups on my main FOG server and when I change the node from Group1 to Group3 my image will be updated with the new image and those that not in group will disappear?

  • All storage nodes, that belong to the same storage group, will contain the same images. You can create different storage groups and assign the nodes to them. The default storage group is called “default”.