Is flog able to clone Windows Server 2008 with RAID 1 configuration

  • I have been using fog for many years for cloning workstations and it has been great. I tried to clone a Windows Server 2008 box today and it will not register.

    Does fog support cloning windows servers?

  • Developer

    Try to register your host again, look for what the last line displayed is.

    After you attempt to register the host, check the log on the server in /var/log/daemon.log

    Don’t post the whole thing just what is most recent and include it in code brackets.

    Next check /var/log/syslog, again only paste the most recent concurrent event, if you attempted register at 11:35 paste that section for 11:35.

  • I get to the fog splash and I attempt to perform a quick registration. It than just moves down one line at a time with no text. I watched it do this for about 5 minutes than I powered off the server.

  • Developer

    FOG does in fact work with RAID drives and Windows Server operating systems.

    What kind of errors are you facing when attempting to register your server?

    Something you may consider is building a custom kernel to include the RAID drivers for your server.

    Also take a look here… thus prooves Server operating systems CAN be backed up, troubleshooting just has to be done 🙂