SOLVED Host OS should be linked to the Image and not the host(computer)?

  • I’ve always found it wrong that every time I add a new computer to the domain and image it with a Win7/WinXP image that I then have to tell fog that the host will win7/winXP.

    Surely the image should have the host OS type linked to it rather than the host (computer) which can vary from image to image.

    Host OS is a subset of Host Image

  • As an update to this,

    The hostOS field is no longer a part of the Database schema. I’ve already made corrections to the to the auto.register.php file to allow host registration as with SVN r899, it still tries to insert data into the hosts.hostOS table which does not exists. Because it fails, the script keeps attemping in a, seemingly, forever loop, but in actuality you can edit the auto.register.php file while the host is attempting to upload to inventory. Take out the reference of insert into hostOS and the process will complete just fine.

  • Moderator

    This is already considered for FOG 0.33. I think the database is already updated for the new version, but there is some legacy code that needs to be fixed. So consider this done for FOG 0.33. Keep the suggestions coming.