• I want to use the fog to back up our erp server. My plan is to backup to an USB external hdd, then rotate with different hdd…then another…then another.

    I’m very new to fog and ubuntu. This is my 3rd instance of installing everything…so I’m not afraid to start over again.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Is your ERP server the only thing FOG is going to back up?

  • give it a try using some random data or text files on ubuntu

    use the sudo mount command drag some files into the images folder there then plug your hard drive in a different system and voila files are there!

  • when you upload an image to FOG it goes to the /Images in the root of the drive.

    when you use the sudo mount command it mounts the hard drive to that folder.

    so when image is upload to goes to the /images folder but the hard drive is attached to it meaning the images gets moved to the hard drive.

    each time you want to use a different hard drive just reuse the sudo mount and mount it to the /images

  • Thanks for the response Kelly,
    I don’t understand how fog is going to know to write the images to the new drive.

  • I do something like this my self.
    Make sure the hard drive is in linux format

    attach the USB drive
    Open terminal
    type: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /images ( note the sdc1 may be different if you have multiple USB drive/flash connected you can check what the hard drive label is by opening disk utility and looking at the “device: /dev/sd**” of the USB hard drive.)

    this will mount the usb hard drive to fogs /images Dir so your next image capture will go to the usb drive.
    after the capture restart FOG and it will go back to the default /images on the primary hard drive.

    Hope this helps!

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