Dell laptops will not domain...

  • All of my Dell laptops: E5410, E6400 and my new E6430s will not domain.

    Imaging goes according to plan, but they still won’t domain .

    I do not have this issue for the most part with my old Dell desktops: OptiPlex 755, 380’s, 750, 745’s; although I am seeing it with my new Dell AIO9010’s.

    any thoughts…thanks in advance.

  • Moderator

    Try leaving them connected to wired network until after the rename and domain join. The wireless adapter is not associated with the host record in FOG until after Windows and the FOG Client are loaded, the FOG client has told the database about the wireless mac, AND the FOG administrator has approved the pending mac record for the host.

    I solve this by leaving them connected to wired network until domain joined, and then run a custom sql script to accept all pending macs for all hosts sometime down the road.