How to add a Second Hard drive to Fog server

  • Hi Does any one now how to ad a second hdd to a fog server and the choose between the two of them where the users images are stored.

    I have two drives one mounted as /images and a second one mounted ad /Images_d2.

    I want to have the option of choosing on wich drive the image is saved.

  • Hi all If changed the NFS and now I’m having the following problem.
    unable to move
    /images_d2/dev/023652 to /images_d2/themba
    Any advice ?

  • HI guys
    The only Way to add the second hdd is to change the NFS settings.
    If you guys can ask the developers to build in an option to handle two HDD on a signal host and give the users the option to choose wish drive to save to it will be a lot more user friendly.

    Thanks Guys for your help and Reply’s

  • Hi,

    [quote=“rynod, post: 12615, member: 4153”]Ps Where do I change the NFS exsport ?[/quote]


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  • Hi
    Thanks all the reply
    Ok what I did so far is
    I’ve created a second Storage group (Storage 2) and also added a second node (Basilly copyed everything from the Default node exsept (master tik) and I’ve changed the path to point to /image_d2 (mounted to disk2).
    But Fog doesn’t see the second drive at all
    Here is sume screen dumps

    Ps Where do I change the NFS exsport ?


  • Hi,

    yes i forgot to say also create a new storage group 😉

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    I don’t think this is currently possible. If you add the second folder as a new storage node in the same storage group, FOG will replicate images from the master node in the storage group to all other nodes, basically duplicating your images onto the second hard drive. I don’t think this is what you want.

    You can try to setup a new storage group, and create a new storage node in this new storage group, and point it to the same server but different path. You’ll have to setup an NFS export for the new paths (/Images_d2 and /Images_d2/dev) similar to /images and /images/dev.

    What may be a better method for you, if available, is to setup the disks in a JBOD through your storage controller or use LVM. Take a look at this: [url][/url]

    I had a few older servers in storage, so I got them back out and setup new storage groups and storage nodes. I have 3 groups, each with 1 node in it so I can spread the images around to balance storage usage.

    If you started with a small disk, but now have a much larger secondary disk, you can move the image storage to the new disk relatively easy. You don’t get to swap back and forth though.

  • Hi,

    add /images_d2 as a storage node, keep the configuration same as default storage node except the path.

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