Perpetual loop of death

  • I’ll start off by saying I searched for this issue and haven’t found it - I’m sure it’s out there but it’s actually a hard one to google.

    I am new to FOG and was uploading my first image when I realized it was 170GB so I powered off mid imaging. AFter that I took that machine out of my fog server, deleted the image, etc… I then rebuilt the machine with a clean install of win7 and powered it back on to reassociate it with the FOG server. Upon doing that I go into a perpetual loop - it tries to mount the image that isn’t there and then goes into a fatal error: “failed to mount NFS volume”.

    I expected it to go back to the FOG set up menu and then reassociate the machine to the FOG server, but the association of the MAC obviously remains somewhere on the FOG server for it to tell the machine to boot to an image that doesn’t exist. So I’m assuming there’s something in the file system of my FOG server that I need to delete.

    If so where do I navigate to to find/delete this file? (Ubuntu) and if not, any ideas?

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    Awesome glad you got it working! That was the next place to look, when computers want to image but you haven’t set any tasks for them, you can browse to the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ and delete the mac address named files.

    I will warn you, don’t delete the default file, you’ll anger the linux gods :)

  • @x23piracy, post: 12524, member: 3982 said:


    what about deleting the file called like the mac number of the computer in the tftp root folder?
    Is there one?

    Greetz X23
    You actually nailed it on the head - navigated to root>tftpboot>pxelinux.cfg> my MAC adddress

    And deleted my MAC. I got back to the FOG startup screen and am back in business!


  • Hi,

    what about deleting the file called like the mac number of the computer in the tftp root folder?
    Is there one?

    Greetz X23


    Yes at first I deleted the image and host from the web gui, then I went into /images on the root and deleted all the images in there (this is my project to try and add FOG to our AD - so all the images were previous peoples attempts) so my images folder is empty.

    It seems that the MAC of the host is still associated with the FOG server somehow.

    I did see that thread that you posted, however their chainloading is a different issue than mine because they can’t get their machines to load into Windows… however maybe I overlooked it too fast, it could point me where I need to go regardless.

    Thank you for your reply.

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    The image files are physically stored in the /images/ folder of the root directory.

    You say that you deleted the image, where did you delete it from? The web GUI? if so, try deleting the corresponding folder in the images folder, if not, try deleting the image form the Image Management, click the “show all images” link and then the pencil to edit the image, and finally click delete on the left hand side and then check the images folder to see if the corresponding folder has been removed, if not, manually remove it.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue take a look here:

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