Machine 'looping' through FOG screen in prep for upload

  • Computer : Dell 390

    After changing BIOS to NIC, and going through Quick Registration, the machine continues to constantly loop through reboot then FOG screen over and over.

    This is of course prior to running FogPrep.

    Machine is disconnected from the domain. The only thing that prevents this behavior is changing BIOS back to HD; which kind of defeats the purpose .

    thanks in advance !!

  • Developer

    Yes all this is edited on the server itself, look on the main drive of the linux server, on the root directory you will see the tftpboot folder, if not, stop and re-install fog again because something wasn’t done correctly.

    in linux the root of the drive is /, it doesn’t use “drive letters”, it uses absolute postion, sda0, sda1, etc.
    so when something say /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg
    / is equivalent to “C:” on windows, so look on the root drive, /, and the tftpboot folder should be located here.

  • Well after many searches for tftpboot and [B]/pxelinux.cfg/ [/B]they are both MIA. If you are speaking of the FOG server then that maybe another matter. still lost…

  • Developer

    As it states[B] /tftpboot/[/B]

    If you look in your root directory of your disk drive you will see the folder mentioned

    [code]Download and extract the latest SYSLINUX (Currently using 4.04):
    Copy/Overwrite the following files to /tftpboot/:

    Again look in your root directory of your disk drive and you will see the folder [B]/tftpboot/[/B] and inside another folder[B] /pxelinux.cfg/[/B] and finally the file you need to edit is named [B]default[/B].

    Graphical menu
    If you are using the Graphical menu modify fog.local in your /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default to look like this
    LABEL fog.local
    kernel chain.c32
    append hd0
    MENU LABEL Boot from hard disk
    Boot from the local hard drive.
    If you are unsure, select this option.

  • OK , I found this but it makes little sense to me.


    Can someone give some exact details as to where these files are ?


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