Deploy thinstation image with FOG PXE boot

  • Hi all,
    I read about FOG as image deployment server for windows variant OS. Is that possible to also set FOG to serve thinstation image (


  • Developer

    we deploy Centos and (K)Ubuntu sistems without problems. Are you try to upload a Ubuntu 10.xx image?
    If you need deploy a ubuntu 11.xx image, you need make some changes:
    *create or modify the menu.lst file
    *install and configure the grub-legacy
    See the next documentation (sorry only in spanish, but you can use Google traductor 🙂 )
    [url][/url] (see Despliegue de imágenes con Ubuntu 11.04)

  • Hi all,

    Let me change the question, i read on overview section that FOG is specialized to deploy Windows image, but linux is possible as well (limited).
    Anyone has clue if there is specific step that referred by “limited” word that i need to do to deploy linux image. I’ve tried all of image partition type, only “multiple partition single disk” type that can be used to upload and then deploy the image (in my case i use ubuntu 11.10). But after the restore completed, the ubuntu image cannot be booted.

    NOTE : I used VM (Virtual Box) to do the testing…

    Thanks for all input and feedback.