• Hello everyone!

    I have set up a FOG server and a storage node (in the future there will be more) and my intention is to replicate snapins as well as images, but I have searched the Wiki and haven’t found anything related to this.

    Both servers are running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server with FOG 0.32.

    Would it be easy to implement this feature? Has anyone managed to do so?

    Thank you in advanced.

  • Developer

    sorry, yes you’re right regarding the process. it is alot of core changes you need to make to include this as you would need to edit the init.gz to include rsync and would also need to include the location patch to determine which storage node to pull it from:

    however this is coded based on 0.31 and it’s not being included in the future releases but may be able to use the new core and hook functionality to include this but this is all on hold really until 0.33 is ready for production.

    So to summarize you would need to make alot of changes to use it in this way - maybe someone else has simpler solution to suggest?

  • Thanks for the quick answer! But I think I don’t understand your explanation.
    []Using crontab -e, sync from the main server to the storage node (scheduled).
    ]Added rsync to pull down the snapin from the storage node to the client PC.
    []Script runs from the main server to delete the snapin in the client PC.
    Is that what you mean? It sounds quite difficult to me as I am not a Linux expert. I have a couple of questions:
    ]How does FOG know when to pull a snapin from the main server or from a storage node? If there is more than one storage node, how does it know from which one should it pull the snapin?
    [*]Have you modified the Storage Management WebUI to manage the snapin replication or is it everything managed from a script?

  • Developer


    I’ve managed to do this using crontab -e, chose one of the servers to be the main server and got the rest to sync to it, so if you change the snapin/installers on the one server it’ll sync down to the rest and it’s set to check hourly and using rsync, also added rsync in the init.gz so it pulls down the snapins locally then a tiny script runs from the main server using the installer on the root and then the script deletes them when it’s finished 🙂