• Not sure where this goes so here goes. I’m new to FOG… been figuring things out on Ubuntu 11.04 and pretty much have it down (i think). I can successfully image and deploy but i’ve noticed that some MAC addresses when i put in new hosts are invalid. I don’t know how this part of FOG works but i’m fairly sure they’re valid, just not on some list somewhere so Fog doesn’t know of them. Is this something that gets updated? I’ve found the Other Information -> Mac Address Listing - > Update Current Listing button and have used it to no avail. Is this just a stagnant old list that needs updating?

  • Moderator

    Some MACs are formatted with dashes, other with colons, others without anything. FOG needs colons. 11:22:33:aa:bb:cc is valid. 11-22-33-aa-bb-cc is invalid, 112233aabbcc is invalid.

  • When you say the addresses are invalid, does FOG give you an error message? Also, are you uploading hosts or using the web ui to manually add each one?