• I’m having an issue with the imaging speed.

    I don’t think the issue is with FOG, but I’m not quite sure how to proceed. I have a Netgear FSM7352 switch. The FOG server is connected to another switch via a gigabit uplink port on the netgear switch. The result is the same if I plug the fog server directly into the gigabit port on the netgear switch. The transfer speed during imaging is about 5MB/Min. Otherwise on a 100Mbit link I would get about 600MB/Min

    If I use another switch or I plug both the client and server into 100Mbit ports then the transfer speed seems to be limited by the network speed as you would expect.

    My understanding is that the images are copied from an NFS share. So I connected to the NFS share and copied the data accross the network and the transfer speed was acceptable (limited only by the link speed(ish) - 50 Mbit/s.) I can copy data too and from the fog server at the speeds you would expect using a variety of protocols.

    The slow transfer speed occurs only when the client is connecting to the fog server through a gigabit uplink port on this netgear switch. If I upload an image with the same setup, the transfer speed is fine. If I use a gigabit switch the transfer speed is 1.8GB/Min. If I use the same switch but limit the oprt speeds the transfer speed is fine, and once again only limited by the link speed.

    I’ve monitored the port and I can see that there is a slight difference in the network traffic when transfering the image. When using the PXE fog client there is a a lot of “Fragmented IP protocol” packets in wireshark, however these seem to be different when using a client on windows. Could this be why my switch is slowing the connection down?