PXE-T36, PXE-E36 Sync Error.....NO Results

  • I have been using FOG for about a week now. It works great with the exception of 2 things.

    1. Acer 5635 will NOT pxe boot. (Maybe it is that yucky Atheros NIC.

    2. I rebooted my FOG “server” this morning and registered some laptops.
      Then, I went to deploy the image and upon reboot none of the laptops will pxe boot now.
      They all give me the following error: PXE-T36 Synchronization Err-6
      PXE-E36 TFTP Error

    Any ideas?

  • Developer

    Try a different kernel, you may want to include the drivers and make your own, it’s surprisingly easy, most problems stem from the fact that the drivers aren’t in the kernel, they’ve tried to put as many as possible in there but some are still missing.

    You can change your kernel in your Fog Management screen and try an older kernel and see if that helps, if not try these step below.

    www.kernel.org. (Used linux-3.10-rc2.tar.xz for this document;https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.x/testing/linux-3.10-rc2.tar.xz) Download the file to the ‘home/user/Downloads/’ directory. (default)

    Then, download the Fog installation package installer. (Current version 0.32;http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/files/FOG/fog_0.32/fog_0.32.tar.gz/download) Make sure to download to the ‘home/user/Downloads/’ directory. (default)

    Now we will extract the files to their proper locations.

    First, extract the FOG installer to the download folder. (see below for command)

  • I have both 12.04 and 10.04 available…Wahtever it was, it started wotking again, but I still have an issue with the Acer 5635 laptops. The will not PXE boot. I could have sworn I tested 2 of them the other day and they worked just fine.

  • Developer

    What Revision of linux did you install FOG on?

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