• Hello guys,

    I’m trying to understand FOG’s mechanism in way to modify it for my project.
    bzImage is the kernel that will be downloaded by the client and locally executed.
    But what is exactly the file /tftpboot/images/init.gz ? Uncompressing it shows me a complete filesystem, but when is this file useful during PXE Boot Process ?
    Sorry for my curiosity 😉

    Have all a sweet night

  • Hi,

    all relevant changes to the kernel are made if you compile it yourself, there is a wiki articel that describes howto do that.
    If you have brand new hw you need to compile your own kernel.

    Greetz X23

  • OOOk thanks a lot !
    I believed I would have to make some changes in this embedded system to make my FOG system running with very special clients (RAID, multi-OS, grub2…)

    Good night 😉

  • The file isn’t really used in the PXE boot process. It is loaded after a PXE boot, it is basically a very small version of linux. It contains all of the scripts and programs necessary for Fog to work. You could think of Fog having two parts, the server side which you already installed on Linux and the client side component responsible for interacting with your client pc. That is init.gz.

  • Nobody knows ? Come oooone ^^