Silent install of the FOG Service Client (given hostname or ip)

  • Hi,

    iam thinking howto rollout the fog client, normally i like to use a silent install via PDQ Deplay or GPO but howto give the setup the right fog hostname or ip adress?

    I found this in the wiki:
    [QUOTE]Quiet Installation
    As of version 0.29 and higher, the FOG client now supports a quiet installation mode. This can help automate deployments, by allowing the command to be run without user interaction from batch files. To do this the setup.exe file must be run from the command line with the arguments [B]fog-defaults=true /qb[/B].
    So the full command would be:[/QUOTE]

    [CODE]setup.exe fog-defaults=true /qb[/CODE]

    No parameter for servername or which modules should be active or not?

    I found this tutorial on the net that brings a solution with repacking the msi but what about simplicity?

    Greetz X23

  • Hi,

    [quote=“Raff, post: 12223, member: 298”]I meant the program that modifies installer files [url][/url][/quote]

    thank you i was hoping for an alternative to winstall le because it seems they don’t send serials anymore. Great!

    Greetz X23

  • I meant the program that modifies installer files [url][/url]

    Modify config.ini and repackage with qwerty msi

  • Developer

    [quote=“IT @ CC, post: 12221, member: 252”]We installed our Fog Service on the image.[/quote]

    Thanks for letting me know this works I was kind of sweating it and up in the air about installing it before or after imaging.

  • We installed our Fog Service on the image.

  • Hi,

    thank you for the answer but there is no config or switches i can use while installing?
    Ok then i repack the msi i don’t like to create alias a records.

    [quote=“Raff, post: 12213, member: 298”]You could repackage the MSI with the servername with something like qwerty.msi[/quote]

    I am sure i get you wrong here, renaming the msi pakage to the server name? or was your suggestion of qwerty.msi just an example name for my new msi 😉 ?!

    Greetz X23

  • Leave all modules turned on at the client. Turn them off globally from web console.

  • By default the client looks for DNS record fogserver if servername is left blank. If you create an A record for fogserver it will find it.

    You could repackage the MSI with the servername with something like qwerty.msi