Fog as DHCP server Ubuntu 12.04

  • Hello! I am fairly new to this but I have been trying to configure a laptop as a mobile fog server. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and fog 0.32. During install I have set fog to run as DHCP server and planned on using a small 5 port switch for the clients. I can get to the fog web interface but when I boot a client to PXE, it does not boot to the fog server, it just times out. I am not sure that DHCP service is running and with the changes to DHCP server in 12.04 I am having a hard time with the correct command to start DHCP and TFTP services. A point in any direction would be very appreciated!

  • Thank you Chad! I will head that direction!

  • Moderator

    tftpd-hpa restart

    Search the forums, there are a few threads that show you how to modify the boot process to “fix” the problem with tftpd-hpa on Ubuntu 12.04.