• Recently I have had multiple computers freeze on PXE Boot. I have all my computers set to PXE boot first and then go on to the HD. They look for an image, (which there is not one to find), but then they do not go on to boot from the hard drive of the machine. They just sit there. They have been working just fine for almost 2 years and this just started happening in the last month or so. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

  • I do have a new Win 2008 server. It replaced a Win 2003. Could that be the culprit?

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    restart your tftp daemon on your FOG server. The command will vary depending on the flavor and version of Linux. If that doesn’t help, can you make sure no other DHCP or PXE servers have been brought online recently (WDS, Zenworks, etc).

  • The last line at the freeze says "TFTP prefix is trying to load pxelinux.cfg

  • I will check and let you know. Not exactly sure where it is hanging. I will check and see if the service is running.

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    Do they freeze at a particle error or just a blank screen? Sometimes I have machines hang if the tftp service is not running.