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    I have a virtual fog server sat on a desktop machine and want to be able to multicast at gigabit speeds for each machine? At the minute I have a couple of very basic gig 4 port switches and when 3 are fogging at once they take about an hour each…but on their own about 8 mins!! Is there a way to make all the machines fog at 8 mins per machine even using multicast? Do I need a special switch or something? tahnks

  • Here is the thread mentioned by Raff:


    We haven’t tried it at our place yet, but the theory of it makes sense.

  • With Multicast all the processing is happening at the server e.g uncompressing the image. Someone once did a guide on how to modify this so that the uncompressing of the image is handled by the client on Multicast, I think he also modified it to use pigz rather than gzip to take advantage of multicore processors on client. We couldn’t get it work properly on our network.

    I think that post might be on the old forum.

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    Is your switch managed or unmanaged? Multicast slows down because it waits on all clients to respond before it can move on to the next batch of data. I’m not a multicast expert, but it’s the slowest client determines the speed. Usually I would say check the networking driver on the client, but since they unicast in 8 mins, I think the driver is OK.

    Can you give the HW specs of your server, specifically the RAM and CPU?

  • I know this topic isn’t quite what you are looking for but it does explain alot about how fog works and what slows down the process. [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/specs.3918/[/url]