Can't specify a specific kernel for a host group (0.32 on Ubuntu Server)

  • I have been using Fog for a few weeks now and recently ran into my first computer model in which I had to deviate from the default bzImage kernel. I downloaded and used kernel 1037 for an optiplex 760 and when i specified my newly created/named kernel for an individual host, it successfully booted into fog and allowed me to capture/deploy the image. However, when I try to set the kernel on a Host Group and click update, the entry just goes away and doesn’t save. Has anyone ran into this issue?

  • Moderator

    The way groups work in FOG is it’s a just a label for applying settings to multiple devices, or to start actions on multiple hosts at the same time. It does not store any settings related to the group other than group membership. If you set a property on a group, it updates all the host records. It does not store the settings in the group. This behavior is under review and may change in future versions of FOG.

  • Once you applied the kernel to the host group, have you selected an individual host to verify the settings are indeed missing? This could be just a funny display issue with PHP, I know I had an issue in the past with setting kernels and even though it would visibly disappear, it was still bringing down the correct kernel that I specified.