Cant seem to find it (possibly fog snapin?)

  • basically what i’m looking to do is deploy a zip file to the drive of a machine via fog in some way, shape, or form.

    these users are mobile, however, they connect back to our network via a ipsec tunnel.

    i just want to copy the file to the machine via fog, is that possible?

  • I’d go with Chad’s first suggestion. Keep in mind that if the zip file is larger than 1900 MB, then you’ll need to make some changes to the config before the snapin will execute.

  • Moderator

    make a snap-in. the snap-in can basically be a self extracting zip file that does nothing after unzipping to the specified location. I believe both WinZip and 7Zip can build self extracting zips.


    If you are familar with scripting, you can run a script as a snap-in that goes out to a shared network location and grabs the file, copying locally to a specified location. But if the process is interrupted, the snap-in won’t really know that it failed and needs to try again.