• Whenever I try to run Fogcrypt, it crashes with a windows error. The file with the password gets created, but Fog doesn’t like it. I’m on an old fog (0.30) awaiting 0.33. Is the old one known for this? Can I get a newer one?


  • Downloaded and unpacked the newest Fog to get Fogcrypt and it works. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions.

  • I believe you have to turn on .net 3.0 so that it installs 2.0 in add remove windows features. I think most of Fog’s windows programs were built in .net 2 or 2.5. If you turn on the features for 3 it adds this backward compatibility.

  • Idid run the Ninite updater recently and it said all the plugins were up to date. Knowing that, I’ll try it on a fresh build where I know everything is current. Thanks for the tip!

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    I think FogCrypt requires .NET. I’m not sure which versions, but you might try the .NET verifier tool and make sure you have 2, 3, 3.5, or 4 working and see if FOGCrypt will work for you.

  • Tried different computer and elevated command prompt and still get the attached


  • Try running it from an elevated command prompt or try another computer. Running version 0.29, not had that issue.