Fog will not start after install.

  • I installed Ubuntu 10.4.4 and the latest Fog .32

    Followed the setup directions word for word. I start a client and boot to NIC (PXE boot is enabled) it starts off with the client MAC address then shows Client IP, Mask, DHCP IP, Gateway IP and then

    PXE-E11: ARP Timeout
    PXE-MOF:Exiting Intel Boot Agent

    Please Help I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am able to access the fog site just can’t get to the host registration menu after everything is installed.

  • Moderator

    Need some basic info.

    What is running your DHCP services (FOG server, Windows, other appliance)?

    Did you update your DHCP settings to include the PXE Boot info (next-server, filename, option 66 and 67)?

    Is the client you’re trying to PXE boot in the same subnet and VLAN as your FOG server?

    Can you get a picture of the screen with the pxe boot info and error messages, or a screen shot if you are using a VM?