Applying .gho and .img files, manually selecting image from client machine

  • This is sort of a general question, but is it possible to upload, or copy an .img file to FOG and create a host/entry for it? I have hundreds of images that I’d like to convert to FOG, but do not have a solution to move them. I do not have the machines that the images were created on (think repair depot), but may see them in the future. I wish to move the images I have now to the FOG system without having to setup each system, push an image from Ghost/DVDs and then upload it to the FOG.

    I understand that I am using FOG outside of its original intentions, but I really prefer FOG to Ghost and would really like to be able to use it full scale. With Ghost, after booting the CD, I have the option of selecting an image. Is it possible to do this with FOG? I currently use Capone and DMI definitions to skirt around this, but for some models (one DMI result has multiple variations/drivers) it would be better to select the exact image required.

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    I’m still tossing this idea around for my FOG server, I’m not exactly convinced on it yet. We kind of want to go the whole “Golden image” route from the sound of things, I prefer just setting up individual images per device (but I only manage 7 different devices so this makes it easier).

    Keep us posted on what you come up with I love to see what the community is doing with their fog servers and the mods they put in place!

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    There is a way to incorporate *.iso images to boot from maybe something similar can be done with the images your have?

    Unfortunately I think that using a spare hard drive and uploading the image would be the best bet, just don’t actually BOOT the refreshed image so it doesn’t change any drivers and turn around and immediately upload it to FOG. This would probably be the fastest work around, but I’d start with one i have the hardware for to make sure nothing gets mucked up in the process. From what you have explained I agree with you and I’m on the same page, the images SHOULD be good, but do a test on one just to make sure!

    Here’s that post on booting ISO images.

  • BryceZ explains they are a different format that are not supported by each other.[/quote]

    That is correct. I was curious about the possibility of pushing via Ghost these images to a HDD, and then installing it in a system, one that is not for that image, then PXE booting and pushing the image to FOG. The hardware will be incorrect, but the image should be good. I can’t think of a reason why that would not work, but I thought I’d ask before going to the trouble of setting up a bench to start migrating over. If that is the only way to do it, so be it. It will take months, but it’s better than not having them at all.

    I am still curious about whether it is possible to have FOG allow the client system to pick which image it uses, either from a selection or CLI.

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    So let me try to understand what it is you are trying to do.

    You have images (from ghost) not currently deployed on a system and you want to “port” those images to FOG to be deployed later?

    You have to upload your image to a device, register it with FOG, and then push the upload to your FOG server.

    If you have a ghost image and you want to use it only with FOG without deploying the image and uploading, to my understanding this can not be done.

    If you had Clonezilla images or something in a .img format you should “technically” be able to do add them to your image space on the FOG server and with the proper coding be able to deploy those images to your devices.

    please refer to BryceZ explains they are a different format that are not supported by each other.

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