Specify Resize Size?

  • Good afternoon-
    Is it possible, using an NTFS Resizable image, to specify the size of the partition on the cloned machine?

    I’m setting up a lab where students will be required to configure windows. I’m pushing a syspreped XP image with FOG. One of the required tasks for the students is to create a second partition on the drive. I’d like FOG to push the image (sized at about 3gb), expand the partition to 10gb, and leave the rest of the drive unallocated.

    I know I can just do a single disk, non-resizable, set up how I want, but I’d like to speed the process up. I’ll have to FOG these systems a few times a day during classes, and the smaller the image, the faster the push. Is this even possible? Or am I stuck pushing the 10gb non-resizable every time?

    Thanks. -Alex

  • Ah, I overlooked the ntfsresize test portions of the script. Try just replacing “$RUN_CHKDSK” on line 391 with “-n -s 10G”.

  • Thanks for the help. Just gave it a try, but when I try to upload the image, it gives me a fatal error stating that --info and --size cannot be used together. Any thoughts?

  • The short answer is no. FOG does not give you the ability to adjust the resize size. However, if you’re really interested in making this happen, it is technically possible; to do so you would have to modify the FOG boot image so that instead of resizing to the full space of the disk it only resizes to 10GB.

    You would have to modify /bin/fog on the boot image. Easiest probably to just modify the $RUN_CHKDSK variable (line 42 if you’re using FOG 0.32).

    RUN_CHKDSK="-n -s 10G";

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