• Good afternoon-
    Is it possible, using an NTFS Resizable image, to specify the size of the partition on the cloned machine?

    I’m setting up a lab where students will be required to configure windows. I’m pushing a syspreped XP image with FOG. One of the required tasks for the students is to create a second partition on the drive. I’d like FOG to push the image (sized at about 3gb), expand the partition to 10gb, and leave the rest of the drive unallocated.

    I know I can just do a single disk, non-resizable, set up how I want, but I’d like to speed the process up. I’ll have to FOG these systems a few times a day during classes, and the smaller the image, the faster the push. Is this even possible? Or am I stuck pushing the 10gb non-resizable every time?

    Thanks. -Alex

  • Ah, I overlooked the ntfsresize test portions of the script. Try just replacing “$RUN_CHKDSK” on line 391 with “-n -s 10G”.

  • Thanks for the help. Just gave it a try, but when I try to upload the image, it gives me a fatal error stating that --info and --size cannot be used together. Any thoughts?

  • The short answer is no. FOG does not give you the ability to adjust the resize size. However, if you’re really interested in making this happen, it is technically possible; to do so you would have to [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Modifying_the_Init_Image’]modify the FOG boot image[/URL] so that instead of resizing to the full space of the disk it only resizes to 10GB.

    You would have to modify /bin/fog on the boot image. Easiest probably to just modify the $RUN_CHKDSK variable (line 42 if you’re using FOG 0.32).
    [CODE]RUN_CHKDSK="-n -s 10G";[/CODE]