Snapin not listed after upload and add

  • I have created a snap-in, uploaded the file and clicked add. When I click “list all snap-ins” none are listed.

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem before?


  • I know this is an old post but, I finally got annoyed by the “List All Snap-ins” requires a search first bug on our FOG 0.32 install, was looking to fix it and found this thread.

    The search page assigns a variable, [COLOR=#339966]$_SESSION[“allow_ajax_snapin”][/COLOR], to [B]true[/B] but the list page does not. Until that variable is defined as true the List All Snap-Ins page won’t work. There’s a couple of ways to fix it but, I just assigned it to true in [COLOR=#0000ff]/var/www/html/fog/management/includes/snapin.list.include.php[/COLOR] on line 37 so, that the search page will work the first time:
    [code] <tbody>
    $crit = ‘%’;
    $_SESSION[“allow_ajax_snapin”] = true;

  • This is old so may have been sorted already but I’'ve seen similar issue when trying to upload a snapin with same executable file name as already exists on another snapin.

    In my use case I created a snapin for screenpresso.exe. This application does not auto update so each time they bring a new version out we need to add a new snapin. The first time I did this I had same issue you did - called the snapin screenpresso_versionX and uploaded but didn’t show up. This was because the actual installer was called screenpresso.exe and was already in use on the server on the origiinal snapin.

    You need to ensure the exe file you upload is a unique file name - same for when you are going an installer and uninstaller using same .exe

    Hope this helps someone…

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    I would tail the apache log and try to upload a snap-in and see if I could figure out what’s happening. Also, you might look in the database to see if the snap-in declarations are getting created, even if the file is not being uploaded.

  • Can’t do it from the host record either.


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    Go to a host record and see if you can assign a snap in there. Lets see if its a display bug or a data error.

  • Searching for * showed 0 results found.

    Any other suggestions?

    Fog 0.32
    Ubuntu ver ##.## (Will edit soon)

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    On my FOG Server (FOG 0.32, Ubuntu 10.04), the list page shows up blank. If I do a search for *, I get a list of snap-ins, and then clicking the link to list all snap-ins shows the list like it should. Not sure where the problem is, but I have to search before it will list them.