NFS host unreachable through VLAN

  • Hello all,

    I have made a few changes to my FOG server like ip-based virtual hosting in Apache and replacing vsftpd with pure-ftpd for use of puredb users. Regardless of this not being a stock setup, I am able to use FOG in VLAN1 (10.88.88.x) successfully, yet unable to do anything with other VLANS configured on my Cisco switch/router.

    Windows DHCP is set up to provide the information for PXEBOOT and helper-addresses are set up on both the switch and the router to see my DHCP server and the FOG server, but I am receiving an NFS host unreachable error when the FOG splash screen appears on any computer inside the other VLANs.

    I am not sure what is causing this issue and I am perplexed considering VLAN computers boot through PXE properly and connect to my FOG server. I am guessing there’s a critical step I’m missing in order to get it to resolve NFS storage, which is why I am posting here today.

    Does anyone have a recommendation?


  • Hmm, I guess everything’s forwarded correctly considering I was able to mount it using a random fedora live-cd:

    Maybe an issue with the kernel? with the debug option when pxebooting, can you manually mount NFS for testing?

  • Moderator

    You probably need to make sure nfs traffic is allowed between VLAN’s. You can try a linux client on one of the other vlan’s and try to mount the /images export from the FOG server and see if you are successful. If not, it’s probably a network security issue and not a FOG configuration issue.